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Cate Elizabeth
Cate has performed at Act II in numerous roles including the lead role  "Cate Monster" in Avenue Q, "Rosie" in Mama Mia, and as a cast member in Kim Larue's (Insert Name). Act II has been presenting high quality theater productions, internationally-known cabaret acts, concerts, dance and children’s theater, and a slew of other performance events for many years. 

Ever wish your vacation lasted a few more weeks? Years?

Yep, we did too.

We left the daily grind in California to live and work in Mexico and now help others do the same! From assistance with residency visas, digital nomad networking, healthcare or finding the perfect home, we are here to help people take that leap towards living in paradise. DM us your questions! Or follow us on Instagram, @pvtourist,  for a peek at what it’s like to live the #mexicolife

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