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The Puerto Vallarta Airport is named: Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport. The shortcode is: PVR

Address: Carretera a Tepic KM 7.5, Villa Las Flores, 48311 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Go to our UBER and Taxi’s pages to get details.

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When arriving in Mexico you will be required to fill out a Customs and Immigration form. The customs form is for the declaration of items that you are bringing into the country. You will turn this form in after going through baggage inspection.


The Immigration form (FFM)(Tourist Visa) is for how long you will be staying in Mexico. You are allowed a maximum of 6 months on a tourist visa (when traveling from Canada or the U.S.). Every person must fill one of these out individually. You will turn the top half of this form in at your first checkpoint upon arriving in Mexico.


IMPORTANT: Keep the bottom half of your Immigration form. NOT KIDDING! You will be required to turn in the form when exiting the country. There is a fine for not having this form when leaving.


DO NOT carry your passport with you around town. Instead carry another form of ID, such as a drivers license or State or Federal issued ID card.


A word of caution for first-time visitors. Once you have cleared through immigration and customs you walk through a set of sliding doors into a sea of timeshare sharks. These are NOT real travel and transportation representatives! Since timeshare has such a bad reputation, these sharks will now insist that they are NOT timeshare and may utilize several deceptive techniques to hook you into a multi-hour sales presentation.


Beware of people insisting they work for the government tourist office, your resort, a taxi company, or any transportation company that offers free transportation. There is no such thing as a free lunch and there is no such thing as free transportation. There is no possible circumstance or reason to speak to, acknowledge or even look at any person in this corridor. Just look straight ahead at the next set of exit doors or at the ground, pretend you do not speak whatever language they throw at you and blow right past the sharks into the main lobby and you will find your pre-arranged ride, the federal (white) taxis or your UBER. Go to our UBER and Taxi’s pages to get details.

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