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Hotel & Resort Day Pass


You might be bored of staying at your own hotel or Airbnb or just need a change of scenery. You will be glad to hear that many of the hotels in Puerto Vallarta issue day passes it’s like being a guest for a day! Why not try a different hotel each day, so you’ll know your favorite for next time?


The resorts charge you a fee to use their property but a percentage of your fee goes toward your food and beverage. The percentages vary from one property to the next, from 0-100 %. Casa Magna Marriott, in the Marina area; has a special break for those who live locally – half price! (Bring a utility or phone bill for proof.) Obviously, the properties that offer 100% of your day pass price towards your food and drink are the best deals, but even the ones that don’t give you the full 100% can be worth it.


Most day passes will include the use of a beach lounge chair and access to the restrooms/changing areas and towels. You can choose to bring your own towels, just in case; the higher end destinations provide but it’s a good idea to be prepared. The prime beach and poolside spots get taken early, so even if you don’t want to get the party started in the AM, get there, leave your towels on your chosen lounge chairs and I like to leave some inexpensive items on the towels like a bottle of water, a magazine or something to make it look like “you’ll be right back.”


An important note, there is a daily limit to the number of day passes a hotel can offer and it’s based on the percentage of occupancy, if the hotel goes over 80% occupancy - no day passes, so get there early before they sell out for the day.


Always bring your ID; it will be returned to you when you leave. Cash is King- as usual. Always ask for the hours as they are all limited to specific hours, some properties offer an evening day pass as well.



Please follow this link to the Vallarta Tribune's excellent summary of Day Passes. 

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