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Plane Too Hot or Cold? A New App Lets You Report Uncomfortable Cabins

Feeling like the cabin temperature on your plane is just a bit too hot or too cold? Well, now you can report the uncomfortable temperature through an app—one designed to support a petition that was started by flight attendants in an effort to make cabin temperatures more reasonable, thanks to various health concerns related to aircraft cabins.

If you’ve ever been uncomfortable with the temperature inside your plane, you now have an opportunity to report the issue. The Association of Flight Attendants recently launched a new app called 2Hot2Cold that will collect data regarding cabin temperatures on different flights. If you feel too hot or cold, log it into the app.

The goal with the app is to show the need for climate control standards within the air travel industry, and the data will support a petition the association filed in August with the U.S. Department of Transportation advocating for temperature limits of 65 to 75 degrees. Abnormal temperatures inside aircraft cabins—currently they’ve been recorded reaching 99 degrees—can cause a number of health issues, from fatigue and dizziness to loss of consciousness.

Airlines for America, a group that lobbies for the airline industry, doesn’t think such measures are necessary though.

“U.S. airlines work hard to maintain a level of comfort passengers expect on each and every flight, including the temperature of the cabin,” Airlines for America told Airline Geeks. “Flight attendants work together with pilots to request a warming or cooling of the aircraft in accordance with individual company procedures, and any temperature control issues that arise are immediately dealt with on a case-by-case basis with the maintenance teams at each airline.”

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