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A U.S. company is developing community-based free secure Wi-Fi networks here in Puerto Vallarta. Free World Wifi offers wireless technology that improves the way businesses deliver secure Wi-Fi to their customers. The service uses modern wireless routers for security and network efficiency. Their cloud managed software delivers improved wireless performance. Company Founder, Ryan Donner, says, “We focus heavily on protecting our host locations’ security as well as providing an affordable advertising solution all bundled in one package. Most importantly, the service is free to the user and protects their privacy and personal information. Offering free Wi-Fi to customers is becoming an increasingly important feature of modern business.”

Free World Wifi’s service grants users a secure Wi-Fi connection at no cost while protecting them from threats on the local network. Use of the service does not require the user to log in with social media, email or other personal information. Users are directed to a landing page featuring hotspot sponsors before they can access the internet.

While Free World Wifi routers are currently primarily placed in businesses, they are looking for opportunities to speak with local officials to find underserved areas or areas where internet access is simply unaffordable.

Since starting operation in the Fall of 2013, the company has grown steadily. They now offer free Wi-Fi hotspots across Mexico, the United States, and Spain. “We are continually seeking new hotspot locations and advertisers, and are always happy to partner with Hosts in new communities around the world. We are ready to install new hotspots in any country or community worldwide,” according to Eric Robledo, Director of Business Development.

Airbnb and other "Homeshare" hosts have all run into problems with guests over-using wifi and worse. Mark Lorne, a recent adoptee of the system and an Airbnb host in Vancouver, BC says: "This system lets me control all aspects of my Wifi systems at each of my properties easily and remotely from my laptop and from anywhere in the world." He added that he's had several issues with guests downloading huge files as well as an incident with downloading of illegal material. "I can control which sites to block, how much data my guests can use and when." He added: "This system is really easy to use and has given me a real piece of mind especially for my out of town properties."

Current commercial clients of the company are also enthusiastic about the service. The owner of Edge Bar in San Francisco, CA, shares, “We found a solution that worked well for us from Free World Wifi. Given a successful roll-out to one of our bars, we are now rolling out to the others. It provided a number of real benefits for us.” Free World Wifi is also being enjoyed by tourists and locals right here in Puerto Vallarta at numerous locations.

To find out more about Free World Wifi, visit their website https://www.freeworldwifi.com or contact them by email at support@freeworldwifi.com.

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