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New Years Eve Puerto Vallarta

Some fun New Years Eve traditions in Mexico include yellow and red underwear. If you are wandering around window shopping you'll probably notice a lot of yellow and red underwear displays popping up. Those who choose to wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve are believed to have luck in love in the coming year, while those who wear yellow are believed to have luck with money in the coming year the tradition calls for the underwear to be worn for the first time on New Year’s Eve. At midnight you are expected to eat 12-grapes, each one for good luck during the next 12-months. If you still don’t feel like underwear and grapes are going to be enough to bring you a good year, there are still plenty of other traditions.Throwing a glass of water out towards the street represents the expelling of tears and worries for the next year. While you are throwing your water towards the road, grab a broom on the way out and sweep from your door to the street to drive negative energy away from your house in the new year.

All fun stuff, but what to do? Check this list of NYE menu's from Vallarta Lifestyles for dining, otherwise the party is on Olas Altas. The street is closed off for the evening and there are plenty of large screen TV's, musicians and general craziness. It stays open until 3 am!

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