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The Governor of Jalisco plans on revoking Uber's license

According to the Vallarta Daily News the Governor of Jalisco states that due to the “total disorder” in the current operation of the Transportation Network Companies (ERT) in Puerto Vallarta, he will be revoking the permits for two digital platforms and one double-deck transportation in Puerto Vallarta, granted by the previous state government.

The staff of PVTourist have been avid users of Uber here in Puerto Vallarta and have seen no disorder with the platform whatsoever.

Vallarta Daily also states: "During his visit to Puerto Vallarta, he added that there will be operations to review the permits of the vehicles of these companies in Puerto Vallarta.“The Ministry of Transportation is in the process of revoking these permits, we are on the legal route to throw them out, we are not going to let this continue,” explained Alfaro.

"¿estás hablando conmigo?"

According to the governor, there is no compliance with the law in the current operation of companies such as Uber , Cabify or Didi Chuxing. “Now they are charging in cash, violating established rules and agreements, and they think they can do whatever they want, we’re going to put a stop to that matter,” he promised. As stated above in a year of using Uber, the staff of PVTourist have never seen any driver violate established rules of Uber.

Alfaro publicly supported the taxi drivers of Puerto Vallarta, who have been active opponents of the operation of ERTs such as Uber since the multinational technology company started operating in Puerto Vallarta in June 2017. No doubt it was a big help in getting him elected. There are around 1,400 taxis in Puerto Vallarta, who have the backing of organizations such as the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM), a union headed in Jalisco by Rafael Yerena Zambrano.

Alfaro is quoted as saying: “One thing is to believe in the competition of digital platforms, which is something that I believe, and another is to think you can continue doing what you want, because according to that logic, in Guadalajara there is already Uber charging in cash, that’s not the design of the platforms.” To us it seems odd that a politician is capable of understanding or commenting on the design of a ride-share algorithm.

Currently, Jalisco has more than 26,000 vehicles that operate in the Transport Networks Companies (ride-share). However, in June 2017 the then Ministry of Mobility (Semov) uncovered that only 1,600 vehicles were officially registered (6%), so it started an operation to increase the registration of Uber drivers and other platforms.“While many taxi drivers have complied with what is established by current regulations to improve their service, with the ERT there have been resistances to fulfill their obligations,” said the former governor Aristóteles Sandoval on July 17 of last year.

That is the extent of the reporting from Vallarta Daily, they do not describe what registration they are referring to or what regulations are not being followed. To us it seems like an old fashioned corruption scheme where the governor has "ties" to the taxi lobby and simply want the competition wiped out.

You cannot compare or claim that Uber is "unfair competition" it's like saying the computer is unfair competition to the calculator - clearly these are two different things that perform different functions. Yes a computer can be a calculator, but a calculator cannot be a computer - just as an Uber can be seen as a type of cab, but a cab can never be like an Uber. The clear advantages of having an app calculate the charges, being able to see where you are going and by which route, being able to instantly notify the driver if you have left something in the vehicle, being able to order a ride without walking around looking for a taxi are all things that Uber does that taxis cannot do. It's not even close to unfair competition - the two share only one thing in common; they transport people from one location to another.

Removing Uber will be a huge step backward to the tourism industry in Puerto Vallarta and frankly a disaster. For our part, we will be giving our staff printed and laminated taxi zone and fare cards to ensure that the drivers do not overcharge which is more than common, it's rampant. Here is a map that shows the various taxi zones in the PV area. Please go to www.pvtourist.com/taxis to see the various rate sheets, our recommendation is to print them and keep them with you when you talk with taxi drivers and always get a price BEFORE you get in the vehicle. It's so sad that corrupt politicians are pushing PV back to the 1970's.

You can also try this Taxi Fare Estimator not sure if it is accurate yet - we are still testing it - and it's the only one we have been able to find.

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