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"War against Trash" campaign approved by city council.

For several years ex-pat and resident of PV, John Benus has been organizing clean up efforts around Puerto Vallarta, in particular during the spring prior to the heavy rains starting. During the dry season, quite a bit of trash accumulates throughout the streets and inevitably finds it way into the creeks and rivers that empty into the Bay of Banderas. When the first heavy rains of the season hit, a wave of trash is washed into the sea. The efforts of John Benus and a variety of volunteers, including a team from Coldwell Banker La Costa, work to get the riverbeds and other areas cleaned up so when the rain hits, the trash stays out of the ocean.

This year, his efforts have been recognized by the PV city council. In particular, city council has made the following declarations:

The citizen participation, public services and finance commissions approved the initiative of the PAN councilor, Saúl López Orozco, to carry out an awareness campaign called "War against Garbage" which was proposed, organized and promoted by local ex-pat John Benus. The above was approved during the most recent session of the city council in which these key points were presented:
FIRST. - The Building Commission for Citizen Participation, in collaboration with the Building Commission for Public Services and the Building Commission for Finance, declares the initiative for a campaign of awareness by joining the efforts of the foreign citizen Jhon Benus, called "War against garbage"
SECOND. - The Directorate of Social Development and the Sub-Directorate of Citizen Participation are instructed to convene the area coordinators and together with the neighborhood councils to organize and carry out the present initiative "War against Garbage."
THIRD. - The Directorate of Social Communication is instructed so that the correct dissemination of the invitation to the public is carried out, taking as a reference the following invitation proposal: to carry out an awareness campaign and we join to the initiative of the foreign citizen Jhon Benus, called "War against Garbage" with the participation of the neighborhood councils of the Municipality to motivate citizens and schedule cleaning days in their neighborhoods. The considerations were the following:
1.- That article 115, section II, of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, grants the City Councils the powers to approve, in accordance with the laws on municipal matters, issued to that effect by the Congress of the State of Jalisco; the police and government sides, the regulations, circulars and administrative provisions of general observance within the jurisdiction of Puerto Vallarta, that organize the municipal public administration, regulate the matters, procedures, functions and public services of its competence and ensure citizen participation and neighborhood.
2.- That based on the provisions of article 41, Sections II and IV of the Law of the Government and Municipal Public Administration of the State of Jalisco; it is established that it is the power to present initiatives to the Councilors who are members of the Plenary of the City Council; as well as the Building Commissions, as is the case with the present Sports Commission.
3.- That based on the provisions of article 83 of the Organic Regulations of the Government and Public Administration of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, this initiative is submitted to the high consideration of the members of this Collegiate Body.

It's great that we have volunteers who are concerned about protecting the bay from an influx of trash at the onset of rainy season, but more importantly it is hoped that the recognition and promotion of this issue by city council will help the citizens of PV have a better understanding that trash is a major issue at all times of the year and be more cognizant of maintaining a cleaner environment.

John Benus lived in Sausalito for many years & now lives in Puerto Vallarta. He has over 40 years of Travel Industry experience that includes a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Michigan State University, Regional Marketing Manager for Westin Hotels and former Director of the Venezuelan Tourism Association. John was Editor & Publisher of What’s Happening Calendars of California & leader of the famous Marin Moonshiners Hiking Club that was featured on CBS Television, Eye on the Bay. See him in action on YouTube/Marin Moonshiners. Presently John is the Leader of the “War Against Litter” campaign in Jalisco, Mexico and runs Puerto Vallarta Backroads - www.puertovallartabackroads.com .You can reach John if you have any questions 415-331-0100 USA or 388-105-0786 Mexico.


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