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Welcome to Villa Lucero

Thank you for choosing Villa Lucero! This web page is just for you, our guest. It contains important information about the Villa, How to get here, some neighborhood and Puerto Vallarta information as well as several other resources. There are many tour operators and sellers around town, be wary. We have chosen some of the top tours and operators and you can safely pre-book right here by clicking on "Excursions". 

We've put together a bunch of links for you:  Airport Info, Getting around on the buses, taxis, and UBER. Info on BankingTipping and some advice on which beach to visit. 

For expert private transportation to the Villa and for larger groups, please click on the button above. Scroll down to see the map and directions.

Dollars & Pesos:

Your best bet is to use your own home bank to get pesos. Most of the big national banks like Wells Fargo and B of A have foreign currency or will order it for you. It's your best exchange rate with the smallest fees and that way you have some pesos on hand as soon as you get off of the plane. Tip on tipping: Tip in Pesos please. Exchanging money requires a passport and many locals do not have one, so they often rely on a local shylock to exchange the $ and his rates are usually less than favorable. Gracias. 

Upon arrival and just outside the immigration and customs you will find a bunch of ATM's, these are the major banks here in Mexico and they will give you the best exchange rate as well as the smallest ATM fee. 

Arriving at the Villa.

Please click on the Arrival Info Form button to let me know your airline and flight number so I can track your arrival. The immigration and customs lines vary from one time of the year to another so please call or WhatsApp me at 925-683-0599 once you clear customs. 

Most drivers will drop you off at the garage level of the Villa, I should have the garage door open for you and there is a doorbell that you can ring to let me know you have arrived.


A couple of important housekeeping points:


The water is safe to drink out of the tap. Many people like to use bottled water anyway and it's readily available in large format jugs at the corner stores. The water from the kitchen tap is filtered. 


It is safe to flush TP down the toilet.  

Mini safes are provided in each room. The default combo is 1234A. You can change the combo by opening the safe door, reach around to the back edge of the door in-between the hinges and press the small button you will find there. Enter a 4 digit number of your choice followed by the letter A on the keypad on the front of your safe - twice. Remember it must be done twice. Your safe is now ready to be locked. 

Wifi - The Wifi password is airbnb12


Getting to Villa Lucero

Use this interactive map or click here to view the interactive map in a separate tab.



Great news! You are located in one of the coolest neighbourhoods in PV. It's a short walk to Basilio Badillo the main street where you'll find Act II theater, numerous restaurants shops and the largest art gallery.



Many of our guests like to do their own cooking. Major grocery stores include Ley (the closest), Mega, Walmart, La Comer (the fanciest) and Costco. Your Costco membership will work here. If you don't have a Costco membership, you can get one at the customer service counter. Click here for an interactive map. 

Special Requests


Use the form below to pre-order any items that you might need. We will review your order and confirm it with you and have it waiting for you when you arrive at the villa!

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